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What To Expect - Important Information before booking!

✨Immerse yourself in a tranquil sound bath experience that will soothe your mind and body. Join me for a blissful evening of healing vibrations and relaxation from crystal quarts singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, koshi chime and Tingsha bells 🔔

✨If you are new to sound healing and sound baths, please note that no water is involved. You will need to bring along a yoga mat or something comfy to lay on, a blanket, sleeping bag or duvet to keep yourself warm. Please feel free to bring along anything to make you feel more comfortable such as pillow and clothes you feel comfortable in.

✨Please arrive promptly (around 5-10 mins early) as doors will be locked before the session starts, this is to ensure everyone is settled in and no disturbances occur during the session to ensure maximum relaxation. Please note that the session is non-refundable and late arrivals will not be permitted.

❗️Please only book for yourself due to health and safety reasons. Sound baths are not suitable for everyone, it is essential that you consult with your doctor or health care professional before booking if you are:
🤍Have epilepsy.
🤍Have a pacemaker.
🤍Have any kind of metal implant.
🤍Suffer with a severe or serious mental health condition.
🤍You will be denied entry if you are intoxicated (alcohol or drugs).
✨Please note to ensure a place on the sound bath you have booked through the website this is to manage payments and room capacity.

🅿️ Free parking is available on site.

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