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Pluralistic Counselling


Thank you for visiting my counselling page. I have a first class degree in Counselling, Coaching & Psychological Interventions. I provide a tailored service to suit individual needs. Please email me to book a free consultation. 

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What To Expect.

The therapy I offer is either online or via telephone. Sessions last for 1 therapeutic hour (50 minuets). It is common to attend therapy weekly although i do offer fortnightly and monthly sessions. Therapy can be both short term an long term, there is no time limit or maximum number of sessions. I believe that therapy is a journey and we all need different types of support at different times in our lives, to explore thoughts, feelings & behaviours, without the fear of judgement. A place to untangle past trauma and events. Take time and make sense of what has happened or is happening and find a deeper understanding of yourself. In a warm, safe, empathetic and compassionate environment. 

I have experience in supporting clients with a variety of issues including but not limited to: 

Anxiety, depression, bereavement, loss, trauma, sexual abuse, low self esteem, stress and sleep difficulties. If you have an enquiry please reach out for a free consultation 


Sessions are £50 per session.

Sessions must be paid for in advance (before session). 

6 sessions can be block booked at a discounted price of £275.


Male (68)

I had never had any counselling of any kind before in my life. Even with my drinking, i never went to rehab, so coming here was new ground for me. I was nervous, potentially terrified about what might come out or happen. But I have found Meg very calming, caring and mainly listens to what I am saying. She prompts me when she feels I may need to say something else. Which I needed to help me get to where I wanted to be. I found it all very good and I think Meg is brilliant at her job. 


Female (16)

Thank you for all the help you have given me and being someone I could look forward to talk to. Meg is a very good listener, she is always patient and waits until I have stopped talking before she responds, she never interrupts me. Meg provided me with useful information around fight, flight, freeze responses and how the brain responds to trauma. Which helped me realise that there is not anything wrong with me. I was responding naturally and automatically to an unsafe and scary environment. You have helped me feel like a special person and that I am important. Thank you. 


Male (50)

I feel I have really grown emotionally during my counselling and in treatment overall. I am so aware of myself now and more in tune with my feelings. I feel comfortable with who I have become and felt safe in these sessions to be able to explore quite deep and personal things. Meg has helped me along my journey and I feel we have both benefitted from this experience. 


Making an equiry is a big step in the right direction.

Unwind, Relax, Let Go.


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